The Truth About the Gold Kratom

Let us examine why GOLD is being associated with an organic leaf of KRATOM. There is no definition as such but, a little bit of understanding would make things clear and transparent. We know that the KRATOM TREE (Mitragyna Speciosa) is indigenous to the land of South-East Asia and its leaves have been traditionally used since at least the 19th Century. The natives consumed KRATOM leaves simply by plucking off the tree and chewing them, or by drying and harvesting mature KRATOM leaves and then grinding them into powder. Since KRATOM’s entry into the Western World, US-based Kratom vendors used many creative and colorful terms for the branding of their respective KRATOM products. In order to launch their products as a premium, rare, or outstanding performance, all they had to do is to name them with something lucrative and a ‘punchy’ for its immediate impact on the market. Example of names used: ‘Golden Buddha Kratom’ or ‘Gold Dust’. Technically, when two or more Kratom varieties are blended together to bringing about a wider spectrum of positive effects, it qualifies as ‘GOLD’. So, it is clear that ‘GOLD KRATOM’ is a specific blend of two or more different KRATOM varieties. These varieties of strains may be RED, GREEN, or WHITE. These strains when blended together in a specific ratio, only then it is called ‘GOLD KRATOM’. Some vendors blend RED, GREEN, and WHITE to achieve their own Gold blends whereas there are others who opt for a 1:2 ratio of just Red and Green veins, but not white. ‘GOLD’ is the title given to a Kratom blend simply to distinguish it as a special and different blend from any other Kratom products. EFFECTS Since different strains are blended together to form a unique blend of GOLD KRATOM, it is very difficult to pinpoint the profile of the resultant blended alkaloid, which actually provides a broad – spectrum benefits of the multiple strain varieties. RED VEIN KRATOM: this has a reference color of the leaf veins before harvesting since most Kratom leaves have red veins while growing or it may have a reference of the color of the leaf veins after the drying process is complete. Red vein Kratom is acclaimed for providing peacefulness and calmness to the mind. GREEN VEIN KRATOM: although it is a very rare kind of Kratom tree that has green leaves while growing, the ‘greens’ of the green-veined Kratom may refer to the color of the leaf veins after the drying process. It is known for providing feelings of motivations and more mental focus and sharpness. WHITE VEIN KRATOM: this strain is made by bringing newly harvested Kratom leaves indoor for a few days then exposing again to direct sunlight for final treatment. This is ideal for consuming early in the day as a beautiful addition to morning tea or coffee which brings about a most uplifting feeling with morning focus. ORIGIN OF GOLD KRATOMS All Kratom blends are developed from three different color veins, i.e, Red, Green, and White. GOLD KRATOM, therefore, is a skillful varied mixture of these three different strains and the effects thereof are likely to be a combination of all Kratom effects. These combined Kratom strains probably been in existence for hundreds of years, maybe had a name of their own. It was only after entering the US market that the blended Kratom was coined the name ‘GOLD’ by the US-based Kratom –vendors. FORMATS Some individuals like consuming Gold Kratom as raw powder – mixing it with their choice of beverage and drink it; others prefer to consume in capsule form. Across the industry, Gold Kratom is available at least in 5 different formats. Crushed leaf Stem and vein Loose powder Capsules Extracts Crushed Leaf: this Gold Kratom is not as fine as powdered Kratom and is used to brew like tea. Stem and Vein: this Gold Kratom is more of the plant materials, resulting in a slightly modified alkaloid profile. Loose powder: this Gold Kratom is the most common of all the formats. It readily dissolves into water, juice, or coffee. Capsules: this Gold Kratom comes in pill formats with dosages between 50mg to 1g each. Extracts: this Gold Kratom is a highly concentrated distillation of blended Kratom and is recommended only for veteran users who have already used Kratom and have an understanding of how their bodies react to the effects of Kratom. DOSAGE Except for the extracts, all Gold Kratom should have a definite dosage like any other variety of Kratom. The initial dosage should not exceed 2.4g which is about the size of a level of teaspoon full of loose powder. It is advised not to increase the dose of 2.4g of Gold Kratom until its effects are realized and it is also advised to limit the consumption within two numbers of doses of 2.4g each in any given 24-hours period. The general rule of consuming KRATOM is to – START LOW – GO SLOW. This keeps one’s tolerance low and the individual may enjoy the effects at its optimum level. KRATOM GUYS Since this unique blend of Kratom strains is vendor-based, vendor integrity becomes all the more important. Kratom is not regulated by the FDA and the whole Kratom market is vendor dependent in its entirety – be it importing, blending, packaging or testing. Anyone may locate a Kratom in the South East and import a few kilos of Kratom leaves, blend it at his own free will, call it ‘GOLD’, and may sell it in the open market since there is no regulatory authority as such. This is where Kratom guys step in. Kratom Guys understand that because Kratom alkaloids profile change based on the harvesting and drying process, it is of utmost significance to deal with the best and long-standing reputable Kratom cultivators those who have proven track records of supplying the cleanest and purest Kratom products. We ensure that all our supplier has tested its products in independent labs.